Perforated Honeycomb Core

Perforated Honeycomb Core

Normally, drilled aluminum honeycomb core is used as core for vacuum tables and for molds in the wind blade industry.
Product description

Thanks to the innovation on honeycomb core walls, Haxcore can produce a new aluminum honeycomb core which is stronger, more stable, lighter and has better air circulation properties. It has drilling holes in equal distance on the walls of the core. Air flow through core walls correctly to heat or cool a panel uniformly by these perforated holes.


Haxcore can produce:

Aluminum Alloy Grade: 3003, 5052;

Cell Size: 9.53mm, 12.64mm, 19.1mm;

Number Of Holes: 3 or 6 holes at direction T (equal distance);

Drilling Hole Diameter: 3mm-5mm;

Core Thickness: 15mm-60mm;

It can be customized according to customer requirements.

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Technical Specification:

Drilled Core Technical Properties


Aluminum Alloy 3003/ 5052

Cell Size




Drilling Hole Diameter


Core Thickness


Number Of Drilling Holes

3 or 6 holes at direction T(equal distance)

Notes:Above are just some of our company's regular sizes, this product can be customized according to customer requirements.

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