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Aramid fiber classification
Jul 16, 2018

Aramid is mainly divided into two types, para-aramid fiber (PPTA) and meta-aramid fiber (PMIA).

In the field of aramid fiber production, para-aramid fiber has the fastest development, and its production capacity is mainly concentrated in Japan, the United States, and Europe. Such as the United States DuPont's Kevlar fiber, Japan's Teijin's Twaron, Technora fiber, Yantai Tai and new material's Taparan (Tipron) fiber. Among them, the production capacity of DuPont and Teijin in the United States is about 30,000 tons, which is in a monopoly position in the para-aramid market; Yantai Taihe New Materials realized the commercial operation of the para-aramid in 2011, in the domestic counterpoint The commercial operation of Lun is in the forefront of the country.

The varieties of meta-aramid fiber are Nomex of DuPont, Dumetar of Yantai Tai and New Materials, and Conex of Japanese Teijin. United States DuPont and Yantai Taihe New Materials are the main players in the global aramid competition. Both can produce industrial staple fiber, dyeable staple fiber for clothing, filament, filament, aramid paper, etc. Relatively close, the degree of differentiation is comparable, and extensive competition has been launched in the fields of environmental protection, safety protection, industry, electronic appliances, and composite materials.

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