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Aramid Industry Development Report
Jul 16, 2018

The 2012 Global and China Aramid Fiber Industry In-Depth Research Report is a professional and comprehensive in-depth research report on aramid fiber. The report first introduces the definition, classification, production value and application of aramid fiber, and then introduces aramid. Fiber's industrial chain structure, market status and trends, and current policies, and introduced the aramid fiber product parameters, manufacturing process, cost analysis, equipment materials and technology trends, and then introduced the world and China in 2009 -2013 Aramid fiber production capacity, production volume, enterprise market share, etc., and introduced the capacity utilization rate of aramid fiber enterprises in 2009-2013, China's global share, global and China supply and demand relationship, gap, cost, price , profit margin, import and export consumption, etc. Then detailed the company's full name, website, company nature, major shareholders, establishment time, management team and background, products or services, customer or product application, history or market position, expansion plan of the world's 16 major aramid fiber companies. And the detailed data of output value, output, cost, price and profit rate of each enterprise, and finally make a feasibility analysis by investing in the investment of 3,000 tons of differentiated meta-aramid engineering project.

Among all brands of aramid fiber, the most stable performance is DuPont's Kevlar fiber. DuPont aramid fiber is generally used in the product area where quality is strictly required. DuPont itself rarely sells its products directly, and sells them through agents or distributors.

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