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Aramid production background
Jul 16, 2018

Since asbestos has been recognized as a strong carcinogen, many developed countries in the world have begun to ban asbestos and its products. The United States, Japan and other countries have successfully developed various series of non-asbestos gasket materials, and the products have been introduced to the world market. With the continuous integration with the international environment. Non-asbestos sealing materials are being recognized and accepted by domestic industrial sectors. Industrial applications of non-asbestos gaskets will become more widespread due to environmental and safe production. Generally, a non-asbestos fiber is used as a reinforcing material, and a rubber-based elastic gasket is called a non-asbestos fiber rubber gasket, or a non-asbestos gasket or an asbestos gasket. The main reinforcing materials are asbestos fibers, inorganic fibers, carbon/graphite fibers and the like.

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