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Aramid use
Jul 16, 2018

Para-aramid fiber is an important national defense military material. In order to meet the needs of modern warfare, the bulletproof vests of the developed countries such as the United States and Britain are all aramid materials, and the lightweight of aramid bulletproof vests and helmets effectively improves the army's speed. Responsiveness and lethality. In the Gulf War, American and French aircraft used a large number of aramid composite materials. In addition to military applications, it has been widely used as a high-tech fiber material in various aspects of the national economy such as aerospace, electromechanical, construction, automotive, and sporting goods. In aviation and aerospace, aramid has saved a large amount of power fuel due to its light weight and high strength. According to foreign data, each kilogram of weight lost during the launch of the spacecraft means a cost reduction of 1 million US dollars. . In addition, the rapid development of science and technology is opening up more new civil space for aramid. According to reports, aramid products are used for body armor, helmets, etc., accounting for 7 to 8%, aerospace materials and sports materials accounting for about 40%; tire frame materials, conveyor materials, etc. account for about 20%, and High-strength ropes and other aspects account for about 13%. The tire industry has also begun to use a large number of aramid cords to reduce weight and reduce rolling resistance.

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