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Development status of aramid
Jul 16, 2018

Aramid fiber was born in the late 1960s and was rarely known as a cosmic development material and an important strategic material. After the end of the Cold War, aramid was widely used as a high-tech fiber material in the civilian sector. The full name of aramid is "aromatic polyamide fiber", which is a new type of special-purpose synthetic fiber. There are two most useful varieties of aramid: one is a meta-aramid fiber with a zigzag arrangement in the molecular chain, which is called aramid 1313 in China; the other is a para-aramid fiber with a linear molecular chain arrangement. China calls it aramid 1414.

Globally, the global inter-aramid (1313) capacity is 32,000 tons, and the supply and demand are basically balanced. In terms of domestic supply and demand, China's inter-site aramid demand is about 10,000 tons, while the domestic total capacity is 8,600 tons, and the production capacity is obviously insufficient. As the dominant player in the domestic meta-aramid market, Taihe New Materials has a market share of more than 60%, and its gross profit margin is basically stable at over 35%. The global para-aramid capacity is about 65,000 tons. In 2011, the global para-aramid demand was around 53,000 tons. The world's major para-aramid producers are DuPont and Japanese Teijin, with 28,600 tons and 28,450 tons respectively, almost monopolizing the international market. At present, the annual demand for para-aramid in China is more than 5,000 tons, all of which are dependent on imports, and the target price is 200,000 yuan/ton.

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