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Superior Performances Of Aluminum Honeycomb Core In Various Areas
Sep 11, 2018

The aluminum honeycomb core is manufactured by aluminum foil and honeycomb node glue on the aluminum honeycomb core production line. Excellent performances in below areas:

1.Vacuum table for printing machine

The filling material of the table is high-strength aluminum honeycomb core with a slotted or drilled surface, and the facing material is stainless steel or aluminum plate. The surface of the platform is not easy to be scratched, corrosion resistant, light weight, good rigidity, great flatness. It performs good in vacuum adsorption and can meet the requirements of high efficiency and high quality printing production.

2.Chemical fiber mechanical rectifier board

Open, straight, dense microporous aluminum honeycomb cores are more effective flow-directing materials and especially suitable for mass transfer and heat exchange systems.

Using aluminum honeycomb core on chemical fiber machinery can make the wind speed more uniform and bring the tow to a better cooling and curing effect.

3.Electronic whiteboard

The aluminum honeycomb core which is used as the main body of the electronic whiteboard is eco-friendly, light weight, high strength and has good flatness and affordable.

4.Aluminum honeycomb core sandwich panel    

The aluminum honeycomb sandwich panel has the advantages of light weight, high strength, good rigidity, corrosion resistance, anti-bacterial and simple installation etc. In addition, it also performs good in shockproof, heat insulated and soundproof. So aluminum honeycomb panel can be used in trains, ships, electronics, bioengineering, medical clean rooms, electronic shielding industries and so on.

Haxcore not only provide aluminum honeycomb core for our clients, but also produce aluminum honeycomb panels. All the productions in our company can be customized.

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