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Application And Market Of Carbon Fiber
Aug 31, 2018

Carbon fiber and its composite materials and products have broad application prospects in many engineering fields such as aerospace, defense and military, high-end civil industry and professional sporting goods. According to the report of the Composites Industry Association, in the field of carbon fiber application in China, sports and leisure account for about 60%, industrial field for 33%, and aerospace for about 7%.
Therefore, in accelerating the cultivation and development of strategic emerging industries in China, it is the key direction of national support to clarify the industrialization of high-performance carbon fiber varieties, which will be mainly used in automotive parts, wind power blades, building reinforcement, sports and leisure products, prepregs and other high-tech industries and high-end civil areas.

So far we are the No 1 in this niche market (roughly account for 55%) but mainly focus on domestic one and just start up the oversea market last year.

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