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Carbon Fiber Classification
Jul 16, 2018

Carbon fiber can be divided into polyacrylonitrile-based carbon fiber according to the source of raw materials.

Asphalt-based carbon fiber, viscose-based carbon fiber, phenolic-based carbon fiber, vapor-grown carbon fiber; can be divided into general-purpose, high-strength, medium-mode high-strength, high-model and ultra-high model carbon fiber according to performance; divided into filament and staple fiber according to state And chopped fibers.

According to the mechanical properties, it is divided into general-purpose and high-performance models. The universal carbon fiber has a strength of 1000 MPa and a modulus of about 100 GPa. High-performance carbon fibers are further classified into high-strength type (intensity 2000 MPa, modulus 250 GPa) and high model (modulus above 300 GPa). The intensity is greater than 4000 MPa, also known as ultra-high strength; the modulus is greater than 450GPa, called the ultra-high model.

With the development of the aerospace and aviation industries, high-strength and high-stretch carbon fibers have emerged with an elongation of more than 2%. The largest amount is polyacrylonitrile PAN-based carbon fiber. More than 90% of the carbon fibers in the market are mainly PAN-based carbon fibers.

Since the mysterious veil of carbon fiber has not been completely uncovered, people can't directly use carbon or graphite to make it. Only some carbon-containing organic fibers (such as nylon wire, acrylic fiber, rayon, etc.) can be used as raw materials to The plastic resin is combined and carbonized to produce carbon fibers.

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