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Carbon Fiber Material Properties
Jul 16, 2018

Physical properties

Carbon fiber combines the strong tensile strength of carbon material and the softness and processability of fiber.

It is a new material with excellent mechanical properties. The carbon fiber has a tensile strength of about 2 to 7 GPa and a tensile modulus of about 200 to 700 GPa. The density is about 1.5 to 2.0 grams per cubic centimeter, which is mainly determined by the temperature of the carbonization treatment, in addition to the structure of the raw silk. Generally, it is graphitized at a high temperature of 3000 ° C, and the density can reach 2.0 g per cubic centimeter. In addition, its weight is very light, its specific gravity is lighter than aluminum, less than 1/4 of steel, and the strength is 20 times that of iron.

Carbon fiber has a thermal expansion coefficient different from that of other fibers, and it has an anisotropic character. The specific heat capacity of carbon fiber is generally 7.12. The decrease in thermal conductivity with increasing temperature is a negative value (0.72 to 0.90) parallel to the fiber direction and a positive value (32 to 22) perpendicular to the fiber direction.

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